Rural Broadband Solutions

Want cheaper, faster Internet? Build it yourself.

Just like an old fashioned barn-raising, rural residents across North America are working together to bring state-of-the-art fiber networks to their communities.

 Publicly-owned wired fiber networks provide 21st century smart-community connectivity. Without the pitfalls of wireless ones.

The Benefits:

  • Wired fiber networks are faster, more cyber-secure, and use less energy than wireless and cellular systems. They are the environmentally sustainable choice.
  • Unlike “5G” which uses cellular signals, wired fiber does not expose us to harmful microwave radiation.
  • Wired fiber lessens our dependence on expensive data plans. Locally-controlled internet can be priced by local providers at rates you can afford. 
  • The revenues generated by community-owned broadband stay in your community.
  • The social and economic advantages of fast, affordable connectivity are accessible to all.

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